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Dani's Choice Elastic Waist A-line Flared Long Skirt


Dani's Choice Elastic Waist A-line Flared Long Skirt

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  • Elastic closure
  • A tidy A-line long skirt: The whole feeling of the skirt the skirt is very neat and polished. The flat waist form inner elastic waist and A-line shape complete the neat and classy silhouette. And the long length adds the feminine mood to it.
  • Relaxed touch from the cotton blend fabric: The material is the skirt is Cotton/Polyester blend. The touch is very smooth and the thickness is moderate for all seasons except hot summer.
  • Details: This skirt has no lining and an inner elasticized waistband for the flat waist shape.
  • Occasions and How to wash: The simple design and elegant mood lead it to a daily office wear. And also, it is great for easy casual style. In fall and winter, this long skirt perfectly pairs with boots. Because the material is cotton/polyester blend, it is available machine-wash but we recommend gentle wash and natural dry.
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